Air purifiers and school: do they help to protect classrooms from COVID?

With another school year fast approaching, guardians, students, and educators are understandably looking for every possible way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the classroom. Notwithstanding the relatively low risks to the young population and widespread protection with vaccines, COVID-19 still poses a pretty real risk. The fresh delta variant worsens these dangers thanks to its ability to bypass vaccine-induced immunity in some cases.

As a possible countermeasure, a team of researchers from the Mayo Clinic and the Minnesota Institute tested miniature air purifiers and other air-filtering devices in classroom-like set-ups. As Good Morning America reports, the team's findings offer promising evidence that classroom air purifiers have the potential to add significant defensive benefits for both students and teachers.

For their own test, the researchers built a room set up like a normal classroom chamber. In the center, they placed a puppet, which is capable of "breathing" colored aerosol liquid, which then dispersed into the air. This allowed the researchers to roughly mimic the method by which aerosol droplets in human breath, leading the way of transmission of the microbe that causes COVID-19, move around in a confined space. By measuring the amount of water that was deposited at various points in the room, the team was able to qualify how effective the air purifiers were at limiting the likelihood of microbe transmission in the classroom.

The analysis provided considerable evidence for the use of air purifiers in the classroom. By using air purifiers around the room, the research team observed an important reduction in the spread of aerosols. The air purifiers further reduced the concentration of particles in the air by up to 5 times. This led to an increase in the joint properties of the air. Bearing in mind that other studies showed a preparatory association between air quality and the results of studies, this improvement in itself is considered a strong argument in favor of the use of miniature air cleaners in schools.

Even if the results of the study were absolutely promising, it is important to keep in mind that the air purifiers are only one part of the puzzle when it comes to the protection of students and teachers from COVID-19. Existing HVAC filtration systems, conspiracy, and the following remote control all play a specific role in providing security in the classroom. However, for secondary schools that wish to add an auxiliary degree of defense, investing in miniature air purifiers for terrific rooms has the capacity to be a good conclusion.

 The best defensive air purifiers from COVID-19 are those equipped with HEPA filters. HEPA air cleaners have a chance to catch particles with the volume of microbes in the air, which makes them an effective defense measure. But while Ultraviolet antibacterial lamps can still be useful, the need for constant changes of ultraviolet lamps can cause technical or monetary problems for secondary schools. 

Do you have questions about using air purifiers in your classrooms, or do you need support in choosing the right devices to keep your students safe in the coming school year? We're here to help! Don't hesitate to contact us for answers and product tips that are sure to help you find the right air purifiers for your business.

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