ActiveOx is the name given Photo Catalytic Oxidation and EcoQuest makes residential air purification systems carrying this Technology. The ActiveOx technology replicates the cleaning power of the sun by creating a “Purifying Plasma” consisting of Hydroxyls, Hydroxides, Super Oxide Ions and Hydro-Peroxides, all of which are distributed throughout the air space where the purifier is located to clean the air and surfaces.

As the Purifying Plasma enters the environment it destroys the microbiological contaminants with which it comes into contact, leaving the air and surfaces clean, fresh, and safe.

The RCI cell utilizes a proprietary high-power UVX bulb shining on a catalytic target consisting of a honey-comb cell coated with a Quad Metallic Hydrophilic Coating. The coating is made by the bonding of four rare and noble metals.

University testing has shown reductions of mold, bacteria and viruses, including E-Coli, MRSA, Stachybotrys and Listeria up to 99.9%

Active Pure

Needle Point Ionization

Negative Ions are produced by a needle point ionizer work together with the negative and positive ions from the RF Ionizer. These ions are distributed into the indoor space to cause the tiny but dangerous, lighter-than-air particles that are floating in the air to bind together, to become heavier, and to settle out of the breathing space. The dramatic reduction is in evidence by the reduction in the number of floating particles that can be seen in a sunbeam that shines into the room. Where do the particles go? They have settled on surfaces out of the breathing zone and some of the particulate will actually be oxidized by other technologies within the EcoQuest Living Air purifiers.

RF Ionization

This RFI is a unique process from EcoQuest Living Air. Radio wave energy is distributed throughout the indoor space, travelling into adjoining rooms, down to the basement and upstairs to other floors. This Radio energy charges particles it contacts and causes them to bind together similar to the more powerful Needle Point Ionization. This process works for up to about 20 meters in all directions and can settle out particulates throughout a building.

RF Ionization

UV Inactivation

High quality, powerful, germicidal quality UV-C light is produced using a UV light bulb. The UV bulb produces a light with the same oxidation, sterilization and ionization properties as naturally occurring sunlight, destroying microbiological contaminants, bacteria and other irritants in the air drawn through the unit. This feature adds an additional cleansing effect to The Fresh Air purifier’s processes, helping to produce safe, clean, germ-free air to breathe.

This higher intensity UV-C bulb is also called a UVX bulb, because the bulb’s frequency is at the high end of the UV band, just under the X-Band (penetrating frequency).


When additional purification is required, the Fresh Air purifiers can produce O3 in much the same way as it is produced in nature and for the same reason.

O3, a very active three atom form of oxygen known as ozone, is delivered out the front of the unit by a fan when the function called “Away Mode” is engaged. The benefit of using activated oxygen is its ability to move throughout the home or office destroying cooking odors, cigar and cigarette smoke and pet odors.

This versatile feature allows more extensive cleaning in the AWAY mode. It can be programmed for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours and many users elect to manually activate the AWAY feature for only a few minutes if they have an incident such as burning the toast or a pet accident or any other source of an annoying odor.

Use of the AWAY mode is by selecting a duration of 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours. After this preset time has expired, the Fresh Air purifier returns to its normal setting to continue to give protection 24/7, for pennies a day.

Total System

The synergistic effect of these 5 systems working in harmony results in the freshest, cleanest and healthiest air available for you and those people with which you live and work. The Fresh Air purifier will effectively treat from 200 to 3000 sq feet (approx 18 to 280 m2) of indoor space.

These technologies go to the pollution at its source, as distinct from the more conventional technique of attempting the impossible - to draw all of the dirty air from every corner of a building into and through the filter. EcoQuest multiple technologies take the SOLUTION to the POLLUTION!

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