EcoQuest Drop Shipping

Step Two
If you're a website owner
EcoQuest’s Drop Shipping Program is for you!
You sell and EcoQuest takes care of shipping!
This business model can bring additional profits without investing a single cent. This is the fastest and easiest way to earn additional profits without investing time and money.
How EcoQuest’s Drop Shipping works?
Step One
Step One
Your customer places an order in your store
Step Two
Step Two
You get paid directly from your customer
Step Three
Step Three
You order the product from us to be shipped directly to your customer on your behalf
Step Four
Step Four
We ship the order to your customer
Start your drop shipping business with EcoQuest Now to take advantage of earning additional profits as soon as possible!
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Advantages of Drop Shipping Model
High commissions
High commissions
Our Drop Shipping offers much higher commissions than classic affiliate programs. Our commissions are 50%.
Zero in warehousing
Zero in warehousing
There is no need to buy and store the products you sell on your website. We do it for you.
Fast Start
Fast Start
Start your drop shipping business with EcoQuest Now to take advantage of earning additional profits!
No risk
No risk
You are engaged in selling without first buying the products you sell! You will never have unsold stock.
Sell EcoQuest's products in your ecommerce or emarketplace
Fresh Air EcoHome by LT&B
Retail: $799.99
Your Price: $400.00
Profit: $399.99
EcoQuest Box by OxyGi
Retail: $399.99
Your Price: $200.00
Profit: $199.99
Fresh Air Purifier Desktop
Retail: $249.99
Your Price: $125.00
Profit: $124.99
HEPA & Charcoal Air Purifier
Retail: $149.99
Your Price: $75.00
Profit: $74.99
Start your drop shipping business with EcoQuest Now to take advantage of earning additional profits as soon as possible!
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is EcoQuestPurifiers Dropshipping

    This is a way to sell goods from our warehouse to your customer, without investing in a purchase.
    You do not need to have a budget for the purchase of goods. You sell a product without actually having it in stock, investing only in marketing. You also relieve yourself of the cares connected with making the purchases, ensuring the assortment, storing and delivery of goods to your customers. The responsibility for everything aforementioned falls on the online store EcoQuestPurifiers.

  • How to become a partner with our company?

    To become a dropshipping partner, you must
    1. Register on the website as a user.
    2. Write a request to the e-mail address sales@ecoquestpurifiers.com with Dropshipping as the email subject, specifying the following information in the letter:

    • Your full name, phone number and e-mail to solve any business issues;
    • Internet resource through which you intend to sell our products.

    All partner accounts are verified manually. After verification, a notification will be sent to the email address you specified and you will have access to the Dropshipping system prices.

  • How much money can I earn with you?

    Your earnings depend solely on how successful you are in sales. Your earnings are calculated as the difference between the retail and wholesale price of each executed order. Therefore, it depends on the specific product and range. Estimates range from 20% to 50%. We currently have several sellers registered in the Dropshipping system who are earning tens of thousands per month.

  • Can I set my own prices at which I will sell your products?

    Yes, of course. You determine your own pricing policy.

  • How much money do I need to start my own business?

    Registration and work in the Dropshipping system on our website is completely free for you! You are not required to pay a monthly fee as is the case with some other platforms. By registering and trying our system out, you risk nothing.

  • Can the client see the cost price of the order?

    Never. The cost price can only be seen on the website if you are logged in as our partner in the Dropshipping system and in the order confirmation email.

  • Do I have to worry about my customer knowing the item came from elsewhere?

    You have absolutely nothing to worry about. We make sure that your client stays with you, and that you can create a brand and a reputation for your store. The product inside the package never contains any promotional material from the supplier.