Help me choose air purifier

Help me Choose my Air Purifiers

Welcome to the world’s most technologically advanced air purifier choices!

Here are some tips to help you choose the best model for your needs:

Fresh Air Purifier - the ultimate whole house purifier that includes all our technology: ionization, UV light, ozone generation, photo catalysis, as well as optional HEPA filters and Harsh environment pads.

Breeze 2 Purifier - best for bars, restaurants and all other public places. Has all the technology that Fresh Air has plus charcoal filtration, HEPA is already included and two ozone plates to double up on that ozone power. This model is a bit loud so it is not recommended for home, but would be great for public places for its strength.

Living Air Classic HEPA – Retro designed unit to match your house decor, also easy to use with simple dials on the front of the unit and simple to maintain as it requires less cleaning.

FreshAir Cube - is our best purifier for single room as it has all our technology and remote control.

EcoZone - is compact and great for bathrooms, storage, garage, laundry room, basement and attic.

Voyager - will be your best companion on the go: cars, hotel rooms, mobile homes, yachts.

We hope this information helps you in choosing your model or our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you during our business hours.

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