Repair Air Purifiers

  • We Guarantee to repair any purifier of yours within 48 hours!
  • If we cannot repair your unit we will send you a brand new one!
  • No matter how old, how dirty, or what's broken - we take care of them all.
  • Please purchase repair service for your unit below and ship your broken purifier to us to be repaired within 48 hours and shipped back to you in brand new condition!
Important:Please write your order # and word REPAIR in BOLD on at least two or three sides of the shipping box.

Fresh Air EcoHome by LT&B Repair
Whole House up to 3000 ft²
•Ions •Ozone •UV •Photocatalysis
Breeze 2 Repair
by EcoQuest
EcoZone Repair
Up to 500 ft²
Adjustable ozone
Repair "EcoBox"
by EcoQuest, Vollara
Repair "GT1500"
by Greentech Environmental
Voyager Repair
Mobile +
comes with all adapters
Focus Repair
Repair "Fresh Air"
Fresh Air 1 and 2
Repair "Lightning Air"
and "Natures Air"
Repair "Eagle 5000"
by EcoQuest, Living Air