Air Purifiers for Viruses & Bacteria

Breeze 2 Air Purifier
Up to 3600 ft²
•Ions •Ozone •UV •HEPA
Fresh Air Black OxyHome OxyGi
Whole House up to 3000 ft²
•Ions •Ozone •UV •Photocatalysis
Fresh Air Purifier White
Whole House up to 3000 ft²
•Ions •Ozone •UV •Photocatalysis
Living Air Purifier Classic HEPA
up to 3200 ft²
Ions + Ozone + UV + HEPA filter
Fresh Air EcoBox by OxyGi
One Room up to 1500 ft²
•Ions •Ozone •UV •Photocatalysis
Voyager Mobile Air Purifier
Ozone + Ions + UV + Photocatalysis
Air Ionizer Purifier EcoZone
Plug-In Model Up to 500 ft²
Ions + Ozone
EcoShield by LT&B
Personal Wearable Air Purifier
Smart Car Air Purifier
With Aroma Added Feature
Smart Electrical Mask with 2-Speed Fan
With 2-Speed Fan &
4-Layer Filters
Buddy 2 - Fresh Air Purifier Personal
Design Life: 97600 Hrs
FreshAir Buddy
Fresh Air Purifier Spectrum
silent / no fan