COPD Air Purifiers

The air purifier is one of the most phenomenal innovations of modern technology. In the contemporary era of excessive air pollution, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) has turned into almost an epidemic. COPD makes it difficult, extremely troublesome to breathe. Although smoking has been noted as the key cause of COPD, the pollution has substantially heightened the demography of COPD’s occurrences. Modern day, powerful air purifiers help people battle vigorously with this menace of COPD. The apparently clean rooms also can contain dust particles, fumes, pollens, and other infectious agents and if a person already has developed COPD, these infectant agents will worsen the health condition of the patient make it more difficult to breathe.

The boon of modern day advancement of technology has yielded various ranges of air purifiers to fight the airborne diseases. One of those technologies does the task of purification of rooms with the help of ozonation technology promptly disinfects and diminishes hostile odours whereas it simultaneously cleanses the air in houses, restaurants, hotels, industrial premises, and offices. Use of highly concentrated ozone is the key to the successful operation of such air purifiers, and it surely helps to keep COPD at bay. This kind of air purifiers also helps to eliminate insects fr om the rooms. 

It is sometimes arguable that how a visibly clean and dust free room can retain any kind of infections in the air. People can clean the visible dirt, but the nanoparticles that are apparently invisible to the naked eyes cause greater harm to human respiration. According to a well-researched article “2851 gallons is the average amount of air a human body consumes during the day, most of the air breathe in contains hazardous pollutants, so-called nanoparticles with the size no human eye can see”. Hence, the need for an air purifier increases in the given condition. Formaldehyde, benzopyrene, carbon monoxide are some of the toxic nanoparticles that function as severe triggers to COPD. It is surprising but remains the fact that the source of these pollutants is detergents, furniture, commonly used plastics, etc. that we often use in daily life. Plant pollen, various chemicals, dust are some of the other obvious allergens that cause allergy. Altogether the increasing amount of such pollutants can also cause terminal diseases such as cancer, untimely aging, cardiovascular problems, etc. Nothing can obliterate these particles, but air purifiers can lim it the particles to a decent extent. 

It is always best to be adequately informed about the prerequisites before one decides to buy an air purifier. The first and most crucial area of concern must be to determine the type of air problem present and which kind of powerful air purifier does one need to cope with that. For example, one of the highest class filtrations is done by Vollara Hepa filters and also a photocatalytic screen. These kinds of filters work best for asthma, COPD, and allergy patients. “Living Air Classic Hepa” is one such air purifier. The need for an air purifier to fight COPD and other airborne diseases have escalated to a great extent as the air purifiers help people surmount the health obstacles to a better area. Several years ago, the immunity of humans was higher in all aspects. Hence, the requirement of external support machinery was lesser. However, with increased high-density population, extensive urbanisation, and nonorganic food supply – the debacle of fallen human immunity has grown to an irreversible point. In spite of this fact, many people, especially people from the previous generation, deny the requirement of typical appliances, such as air conditioners, home or bathroom air purifiers, ozone generation, etc. The lungs work as the natural filters of the human body and more the pollutant particle in the air, more the pressure on human health. Not only dust particles but also aerosol residue, human hair, dander and skin shedding, pet fur, fuzz from clothes, mold spores, perfume, air fresheners’ add to the problem of COPD. Anon- complicated air purifier can help to cope with this large range of health challenges. The modern-day air purifiers absolutely need to be oriented. The key focus of such purifiers remains to pull out the air from an enclosure through a set of well- structured filters

Another serious health concern is directed to the infants or children holistically. They are vulnerable to diseases and get infected more comfortable than adults. Hence, a household air purifier or a nursery air cleaner will be helpful for them to fight the germs and infections hovering around. Hepa purifier is one of the most powerful devices to keep the children safe from COPD and other air diseases. The cleaning capability is excellent, the noise level is low, and to give an extra fight to the infections the built-in ionizer is a boon in the Hepa air purifiers. That is not the end of its great functions. This super air purifier “does not allow the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx to dry up” and it certainly helps the child’s body to prevent the building up of viral and respiratory ailments. Besides the children and babies, this air purifier also helps the parents and other adults to stay fit. This air purifier warranties a cleaner and comfortable ambiance at home, safe with children. 

Up-to-date technological advancements, efficient, and the assurance of clean air that equip people to get rid of the menaces of COPD are the essential features of a modern day air purifier. It is just not the pollutants that threaten health. Also, the change of season adds to the COPD and other problems. Not only health threats but regular usage of air purifier also kills the bad odor, smoke, etc. One of the popular air purifiers Fresh Air Box can purify the air in an area of approximately 1500 square feet. Hence, the cost-effectiveness of these air purifiers is also a prerogative to install them at the premises for pure air. Not only house, industry or office premises, air purifiers are also necessary for cars. Instead of suffering from COPD and other health ailments that threat your overall well being, it is always wiser to use a good quality air purifier and live a happy and healthy life without any health hassle.

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