How Long Does It Take an Air Purifier to Clean a Room?

Air pollution is a common environmental challenge people face all over the globe. Since 2016, there has been a sharp rise in air pollution. Every year, about 4.2 million people die worldwide due to health issues from air pollution such as stroke, heart attack, lung cancer and asthma. According to the WHO, about 91% of the world’s population hail from places that exceed the air pollution levels the WHO recommends. 

Using a well-equipped air purifier can greatly reduce the impact of air pollution indoors. The most commonly asked question is how long does it take for an air purifier to work? Generally, an air purifier takes about 30 minutes to two hours to purify a room. But there are aspects including the size of the room, filter, speed of purification, and more that must be factored in. 

Can air purifier be left on overnight? 

How Long Does It Take an Air Purifier to Clean a Room

It is absolutely safe to leave your air purifier turned on for the whole night. In fact, when you run it for an extended time, you can expect it to improve the indoor air quality to a greater extent. Machines like air purifiers are designed to work for long stretches of time. The more you allow it to function this way, the purer the air will be. 

These are effective solutions for homes where there are fireplaces or people who smoke. This  equipment can easily get  rid of the smell and the smoke. In most guides, you’ll see that to have the cleanest air, you need to run the air purification machine all whole day. But that doesn't necessarily mean you must run your air purifier for 24 hours. 

To work best, use an air purifier on its highest setting for a few hours at a time. With time, you will notice that the airborne particles are eliminated and the room’s air is clear. When you have a large indoor space, you may need to run the air purifier longer. But after you run the air purifier on its highest setting for an hour or two, you may its lowest speed. This will help keep the air clean all day. 

As mentioned above, you may run the machine all night without any worries. But you will have to replace the filters more often. 

How long does it take to notice the difference when using an air purifier? 

Contrary to popular belief, air purifiers do not dry the air. They function by trapping the airborne pollutants while circulating fresh air and without impacting the humidity level. When the air purifier is well chosen regarding the room size and quantity of pollutants, you could start feeling the air’s freshness within an hour. 

Also, air purifiers equipped with carbon filters can absorb odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and smoke. So an air purifier is a great means of removing foul smells from a room. Within a few hours, you will see that the dander, mites, pollen and other airborne particles have been removed, leaving fresh air for you. 

It's worth mentioning that some manufacturers claim that their air purifiers can clean a room within half an hour. If you wish to find out how effectively your air purifier can work, you will have to consider the following aspects:

  • The size of particles that the filter can trap

  • The speed of cycling the air 

  • The highest and lowest settings of the air purifier, and

  • The volume of air that the equipment is made to purify. 

It's true that a well-chosen high-end air purifier can start making the air feel fresh sooner, but to clean an entire room and remove all the pollutants would definitely take more time.

Effectiveness of ozone purifiers 

How Long Does It Take an Air Purifier to Clean a Room

You may have noticed the ozone that's present in the Earth’s atmosphere and reacts to light. But do you know that ozone is effective in purifying indoor air? 

An ozone generator is a type of air purifier that generates ozone. It was discovered in the early years of 1800 that ozone can be used for potential indoor disinfection. Today, it is widely used to disinfect rooms and remove odors and pollutants. Reputable companies like EcoQuest offer high-end air purifiers. 

When searching for a reliable air purifier, you will look for high-quality air cleaning that removes smoke and other atmospheric pollutants. The EcoQuest ozone purifier is constructed with the best-in-class technology and the latest modifications, allowing it to earn a top position in the market. Some capabilities of this air purifier include:

  • Adjustable fan speed

  • LCD display

  • Ozone levels increase by 10%

  • Backlit buttons on the remote

  • Reducing unwanted odors in a car, office or home

  • Dedicated Sleep Button on the remote control, and

  • Hassle-free maintenance.

HVAC: Though a number of HVAC systems can help eliminate dust from indoor air, the main filters cannot remove the tiniest particles, and these may damage your health. If you install a top-notch HVAC ozone generator such as EcoQuest, you can rest assured that all bacteria, dust, mold and germs will be removed from the indoor air. The most important benefits of an HVAC air purifier are:

  • Neutralizing smoke from the fireplace or smoking

  • Removing dust and dust mites

  • Removing unpleasant smells from kitchens, bathrooms and trash cans

  • Trapping pet dander and other allergens

  • Removing dangerous volatile organic compounds


With air pollution gradually diminishing our health, air purifiers are the best option for obtaining better indoor air quality. People suffering from lung issues and sleep apnea will find that their health is improving with the improved air quality. Running your air purifier indoors will remove allergens so  you can have peace of mind.

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