New study shows that purifiers clean the air 4 times better

Dublin Institute and Camfil, joined forces to conduct a study, which showed that air purifiers remove aerosols up to 4 times faster than typically in poorly ventilated areas.

In this study, the scientists used the Camfil air purifiers and a room with a volume of 4m x 5m x 2.6m.

It was proved that, in fact, when the purifier was off, aerosols slowly dispersed in the direction of about 500 seconds. But, when the purifier was working at its highest speed, the aerosols were cleared in 160 seconds or less.

purifiers clean the air 4 times better

These results are relevant, because the Global Health Organization not so long ago said, in fact, that coronavirus is transmitted in the lead by inhalation of aerosols caught in the air at a close distance.

In this way, these results indicate that, in fact, air purifiers have every chance to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, and even more to solve long-standing problems with well-being caused by the action of indoor air pollutants.

purifiers clean the air 4 times better

Physician Kevin Nolan from the Dublin Institute of Science said: “We are quite grateful to Camfil for actually letting us use the best air purifiers for our study and experiments.

“Since the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become necessary to try fresh ways to keep our indoor spaces clean and inaccessible to particles carried by a weightless method. Camfil air purifiers have proven their superior performance in removing aerosols very quickly and efficiently, creating a much healthier and safer environment. Running these experiments in Dublin allowed us to demonstrate how clinics can benefit from these air purifiers for the defense of patients and staff. "

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