The right way to ventilate your working and living spaces

To forget about stuffiness, chronic fatigue syndrome, mold, and condensation, you need to remember what ventilation is. Obviously, this is one of the most underestimated life support systems of a modern healthy home or apartment. 


How is ventilation in our apartment arranged?

An important rule for any person and for any family is that the household air should always be fresh! The smaller the room, the more often you need to aerate. Here are a few tips: do it every hour for up to 15 minutes in the summer, keep it up to 4 times a day in winter. A more modern approach for correct microclimate maintenance, in the long run, is to use an air purifier.

Fresh air is usually supplied to the apartment through the vents. Modern windows provide an “airing mode” option. This is convenient for the warm season, but in winter there is a draft and you cannot leave the window open at all times. Fresh air enters the space through an open window, thus stale air is.

removed from the "dirty" areas (from the loo, bathroom, kitchen). This is a great option for those who can say that he and his family are not afraid of drafts. Natural ventilation is considered to be inefficient by some people, but also noisy, and dirty. This is true, but not entirely. If you can boast of living in a quiet, distant from city traffic jams area or suburb, then the most traditional airing of premises will work just wonderful for you. It’s a little different in the wintertime though.

In the cold season, indoor air heating is automatically turned on to a comfortable temperature. Most people achieve a comfortable stay in a room at 72F. 

Doctors recommend lowering the room temperature to 64-66 F and dressing warmer. The human body responds much better to slightly lower temperatures, provided that the body is not hypothermic. 

Unfortunately, with an increase in air temperature, humidity decreases, and the volume of dust circulating in the room grows. If you do not have the opportunity to lower the temperature in the room, you just have to monitor the air quality by means of air purification and some ozonizer action.

How to install an air purifier?

A household air purifier draws in the exhaust air and cleans it in recirculation mode. An additional hood and air duct can be installed by hand if you are installing an air purifier in the kitchen space.

Everyone knows that unpleasant odors appear in the kitchen during cooking. In addition, if you have to cook on a gas stove, waste carbon monoxide is collected in the room. As a rule, this leads to the fact that housewives have to fry and bake with an open window, which is far from convenient. This is why experts recommend taking out the cooking area completely outside, if possible. Naturally, in winter, the likelihood of cooking three times a day, even if the place is equipped, is negligible.

An air purifier in the kitchen will help to correct the situation, the popularity of which is only increasing annually. Most often, a kitchen air cleaner is perceived as a conventional purifier that filters exhaust air in recirculation mode. You can install it yourself, the main thing is to choose the right model. 

In addition to such an air cleaner, an ozonizer is usually purchased, since the kitchen is famous for constant extraneous odors:

  • cooking

  • tobacco smoke

  • the smell of a trash can 

  • the smell of a refrigerator

  • the stench from a pet tray

  • various washing odors 

  • the smell of cleaning agents 

  • the abundance of a wide variety of vapors.

What does an ozonizer do?

The answer to this question is simple. Ozonation is used for:

  • sterilization of sorts;

  • air treatments, especially in-clinic;

  • elimination of ingrained unpleasant odors;

  • viruses and bacteria elimination.

An Ecoquest ozone blaster can be effectively used for: air deodorization; detoxification of the air; biological cleaning or sanitation of premises; treatment of greenhouse soil that has been contaminated; disinfection, etc.

Ozonation is an environmentally friendly purification technology based on the use of ozone gas, a powerful oxidizing agent. The ozonizer produces ozone from the oxygen in the ambient air. After interacting with pollutants, chemical, and microbiological substances, ozone is converted into ordinary oxygen. It has been practically proven that all ozonation products are more harmless to humans!


Installing an air purifier in the office

Clean air in the office is the key to productive work, that’s no secret. Though often, office hours become unbearable because of the stuffy air that simply prevents the body from concentrating on the task at hand. Opening the windows is an old and familiar way of letting fresh air into the room. But, then, along with the street air, dust, exhaust gases, and even various microbes and viruses enter the room. 

Ecoquest offers a contemporary alternative to the old school aeration that is increasingly popular with users around the world. Office air purifiers are perfect! Firstly, a wide range of these devices will allow you to choose a particular one that can clean a specific air volume of the office room. Secondly, all models are made in a stylish design and compact format, helping to fit even into the most sophisticated office interior. And thirdly, it is affordable cost, and ease of use.

Office air purifiers can perform well even in large office facilities. It all depends on the capacity you have chosen, so make sure you do your math properly. If the office air purifiers are equipped with a carbon, photocatalytic, and HEPA filter, then you’re in for a treat. This type of air purifier takes care of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors as well as a range of airborne PM 2,5. 

Benefits of installing an air purifier in the bathroom

The FreshAir Focus air purifier is a mini ozonizer designed to work in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, showers, saunas), in places with unpleasant odors (public restrooms), in places with a high content of chemical impurities, and a high content of pathogenic enterobacteria.

The Fresh Air Focus mobile air purifier is used to clean the air in toilets (including public ones), bathrooms, saunas, small storerooms, garages, cellars, cars for transporting fruits and vegetables (prevents decay), places where food with a short shelf life is stored. The FreshAir Focus air purifier is also installed in printing houses (eliminates the smell of solvents and paints), in small waste bins, sewage pumping stations (SPS), laundries, dry cleaners, shoemakers. This household air purification system utilizes cutting-edge EcoTech technology.

Installing an air purifier in the bedroom

The task of a household air purifier is to clean the air by repeatedly passing it through a range of filters. Therefore, it must be situated in an open space. Ideally, it is necessary to provide free air access to the air intake and exhaust openings of the purifier. It is unacceptable to put the device under a table, into a cupboard, in a niche, behind a curtain.

The optimum installation height for the air cleaner is from floor level to the first third of the room height. You can put the device on the floor (if your children and animals cannot get to it), on a table, on a curbstone. If you can't put the device lower, then you need to try to keep a couple of feet of free space from the device to the ceiling.

If your device is designed for a room larger than the existing one, it will effectively clean it no matter where it stands in the room. Therefore, it does not need to be placed directly next to the bed. If the appliance has a fan, make sure it has a low noise level. 

It is not recommended to place the devices near heating devices. Firstly, overheating of the device itself can lead to its malfunction, and secondly, the devices organize air circulation and, being near heating radiators, will help heat the air that goes into the premises.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to put appliances on the windowsill. In winter, the air circulating around the cold window will cool the room.

Setting up an air purifier in a nursery?

Naturally, the most important rule of installing an air purifier for the nursery is to keep the child safe. If your baby is still very young, position the air purifier so that the baby cannot reach it. Place the machine on a dresser, high shelf, or cabinet.

The danger to children's health and even life, in this case, comes from the unit itself, because it is connected to the outlets. If a working device falls, the consequences can be dire.

By observing these rules, you can easily choose a place for your air purifier. Haven't bought a device yet? Contact us, we will definitely help you with the choice of an air purifier or ozonizer for any room!

Can I open the windows in the room where the air purifier is running?

Yes, this is a very good idea, you will be helping your air purifier. Regular ventilation improves health, well-being, and performance. Don't be scared of cold air entering the room. Ideally, with a window open for aeration, close the room and leave. The idea is not to create drafts. Just a few minutes of vigorous ventilation will have a good effect. 

It's time to draw general conclusions about the ventilation of your home and office.

Airing the premises helps to solve the following issues:

  • Dealing with moisture, mildew, and mold.

  • Getting rid of harmful microorganisms and bacteria.

  • Proper hydration.

  • Positive effects on health and well-being.

It is also good for health not to overheat the apartment. Proper air purification and ozonation get rid of harmful pollutants, mold spores, and viruses. They will solve the vast amount of health problems in your household.

If you have already considered buying an air purifier and ozonizer but cannot decide on a specific model for one reason or another, contact us, we will help you, we will advise you on any issue.

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