Reviews for air purifiers by Ecoquest

Susan of Apollo Beach, FL
I don't remember which model I have, but it was about $600. My sister told me about the air purifiers and how well they worked in her house. She breeds Labrador retrievers, so it's not unusual for her to have lots of puppies around. Her house always smells fresh and clean, so I bought one. I have always had good luck concerning the warranty with Alpine/EcoQuest. I also have a dealer here that is awesome. My daughter has asthma and the unit has defiantly made a difference. She doesn't get sick as often when the unit is running because at the first signs of sickness, it always goes straight to her lungs. I feel that it really does make for a healthier home.
Alfred of Columbus, GA
Although these air purifiers are expensive is an understatement. Be advised these units are made with the technology used by NASA in their laboratories and on the ISS (International Space Station) and NOAA and a host of other federal agencies and is the best on the market IF the sales rep had the proper training and understood the operations of the different units. As a former rep myself I never had any issues because I attended one of the companies "Air Quality" seminars to get my certification to properly inform the client of the units (whichever one they bought) would be used to its full potential without any disruption of service. A properly trained rep can and will ensure that these units will do what they say.
I had my own service agreement to service these units while I was in the business but matters beyond my control prevented me fr om continuing on with my business as an Independent Representative. The best thing I can suggest the buyer or anyone having issues is to read the manual and or call the ECOquest help line. I still use the Duct Worx in my home and the UV bulb had just burnt out and I am ordering new bulbs for it but it does its job and I am thoroughly happy with it, but it is best used with a whole house unit to get the best effect and prevent the "sick house" syndrome.
Gay of Madison, GA
I bought two machines in 2004 fr om a wonderful sales rep. I've had wonderful results with both machines used in four different houses and have replaced parts as needed following the recommended maintenance practices. They're worn out and the sales rep with whom I have to deal is so unpleasant that I've quit ordering parts and fear that I'll never be able to get replacement machines. Unless there has been some change, those with complaints about the smell need only to carefully read their literature and use one setting when they are at home and either of the other two settings when they are away. My housekeeper asked me why our house was so much dustier than it used to be. The answer is that our machine no longer works. She used to be able to use a Swiffer duster in a 3,100 sq ft home for two weeks. Now it is dusty enough to change after just five days. My only disappointment is that I'm afraid to trust the current company because of the obnoxious foreign sales rep named Michael.
Bob of Beverly Hills, CA
I don't know why there are so many complaints about these wonderful machines. Me and my wife purchased 4 units for our 3800 sq. ft. home in 2001. At the time my son was still with us and he had asthma real bad. He get sudden attacks all the time being that we lived out in rural Pennsylvania, where there is just tons of airborne pollen and what not. So once we got our units delivered and he helped me set one up in his room. I put one in our bedroom and one in the kitchen. I swear, my life was saved that day. You know, my son was getting those attacks but once we fired up those ozone blasters the attacks went away. For about two weeks he didn't get one. But as soon as he'd walk out of his room or out of a room that had the optimal ozone level produced by these glorious machines, he'd sometimes fall right to the ground, unable to breathe. I seen how the machines were keeping him alive.
Donna of Mineral, VA
I've used a unit for at least 15 years and have had no issues. It helped with my allergies. I put under my sheet for a few hours as instruction back when I used powder detergent and it took out detergent that was in my sheets. I had no idea that the detergent could stay in the fabric until then. I love my Air machine. I had sinus issues for years due to allergies and due to smoking. I knew my sinus issues were better after having the unit. I quit smoking and still have the unit and my allergy symptoms are much better. As far as mucous issues, I will probably always have those issues after smoking for over 40 years. My allergy symptoms are so much better. I recommend them, but don't forget to use your unit correctly and keep it cleaned.
Greg of N. Hollywood, CA
I would like to recommend the new Breeze 2 model I have just bought fr om Ecoquest & Alpine Air. This machine produces better air than all other purifiers I have bought before. Specifically the softness of the ozone that this machine generates. It is much softer than other units I've had and my wife is finally fully satisfied with this purifier. Thank you very much for developing and recommending this new model!
Kevin of Austin, TX
I have bought a refurbished Fresh Air, but they did not have one, so they sent me a brand new one with no additional money. Unit came in 5 days and works great. Very friendly customer service! Will buy again!
Alina of Canoga Park, CA
Thank you for recommending the new classic Hepa of yours. Much better than my old Classic XL-15, quieter and stronger, too. Will recommend to friends and family. God Bless and keep up the good customer service!
Aleksandr of North Hollywood, CA
Thank you for taking my old unit as trade-in and recommending the new Breeze 2. Much better air purifier than my old one which actually served me more than 20 years. I bought it when you were Alpine in the 90's and was very happy until it finally quit on me. Hope this new unit will do another 20 years of great service! Thanks again!
Mary of South Gate, CA
Honestly, I did not expect anything extravagant fr om this cleaner, because of its price, compared with the other firms, was much lower. But in the end I was pleased with the purchase. The cleaner is quite good, the area in my room (259 sq ft) clears the room very well, plus it doesn't produce any noises.
Bruce of Valley Center, KS
Thank you very much dear EcoQuest for your fast and friendly customer service. It has been a long time since I have had such wonderful experience. I received your email with coupon right away and it did apply 20% discount to my order.
Donald of Laguna Hills, CA
Bought this air purifier Breeze 2 from this company. Delivery time was fast. This was our second air purifier for the same model. First, we placed the unit in the head of the office. He smokes a lot and this air purifier helps to fight the smell of nicotine. The second air purifier will be placed at the allergic house as it copes with pollen and smoke.
John of Portland, OR
A long selection of air purifier is finally complete, the result exceeded expectations. This machine are powerful enough to clean the air in your house, quiet enough for you to sleep near it in a bedroom, and not so expensive like other branded air purifiers. That it’s reason to place several throughout your home. Ionisation is good for removing fine particles such as dust and smoke. Works fine. Thanks.
Alex of Fair Lawn, NJ
I know Ecoquest since 2010 when I bought my first device. It was a classic model. Simple but effective air purifier. But the way company managed customers was horrible at that time! I think mostly, because they were a global network. And you wasn't able to find anyone responsible for support and doing it in right way. I use to have a lot of issues with the support guys for spare parts and service back in 2012-2013. Have to say that I like the technology they use. You can't find similar no filter system among thousands offers even now after years... I've got my Fresh Air from Ecoquest purifiers website. And I'm glad to notice that things been changed. They got right approach to customer, good price and full support. Can't complain now... And if you think to get one, I would recommend.
Lily of Apple Valley, CA
Before purchasing, I've read a lot of reviews, both positive and negative. For long-time doubted the need for purchasing but still, in the end, bought the unit. I DONT have any objective control devices for the Ionic composition of the air. But after turning on the ionizer, after a while, the air in the room became softer or something, This is difficult to explain but it feels very good if you move from room to room. At first, seemed that the windows were open, but it was surprising that there was no temperature difference, later I realized that the windows were closed and the freshness effect was not caused by street air but by the ionizer. We don't turn the ionizer off at all as its purifiers the air in the house.
Emily of Henderson, NV
We have been using it for about a month, we are completely satisfied with it, we have 3 bedroom apartment. The air became different, if you more often ventilate and turn it on, the climate in the apartment is generally perfect. We will be buying one for our parents too. Advantages: Well cleans and eliminates odors. The air has become completely different. Well-being is much better. Of this price category we advise to choose Ecoquest, Others may have more features, but no Reliability.
Emily of Jenison, MI
Since the time we install Air Purifiers Fresh Air unit in our kindergarten, absence of children due to illness, according to data of attendance bigger than 75%, During the outbreak of cold during last year we had only 25 to 30 kids in 3 week period. In this year for the same period of time, only 5-10 kids were absence. The difference in the quality of air in kindergarten was noticed by both employees and parents of children.
The GRATZ National Bank
Six months ago we purchased a Fresh Air Machine and have been extremely pleased with its performance. As a heavy smoker, I am always concerned with the air quality in our offices and this fresh air machine has had remarkable results. the air quality has been greatly enhanced and the "away" feature does a great job!
I would strongly recommend this machine to anyone interested in improving the air quality in their environment. Its performance has been excellent with little maintenance and its quiet operation.
Many thanks!
Theodore R Bonwit, Jr.
Human Services Associates, Inc.
On behalf of Human Services Associates, Inc., we would like to thank Fresh Air Systems for the air machines. We were surprised and pleased after using your air machines.
Recently the CBC of Seminole had a complete new roof system installed and the smell during the process was horrible. Thanks to Bruce who recommended we use the machines from EcoQuest for removal and cleaning of the air in the building. We agreed and he promptly brought seven machines in immediately and placed throughout our facility which is 22,000 square feet. When I first saw the machines, I laughed to myself and thought how in the world these little machines could work in such a large space. The machines not only took out the foul order they cleaned the air too. The building smelled fresh and clean.
Thanks to Fresh Air Systems, the employees were able to remain in the building during this week during the installation of the new roof. Human Services Associates, Inc. will use the machines again in the future when any other projects arise.
Thanks again for the prompt courteous service you provided for CBC of Seminole.
Sherry Ciccone
Facilities Manager
Jamestown Sports Complex
What a difference the Fresh Air by EcoQuest has made!
We have a lounge/bar that overlooks the playing field that used to get extremely smoky. Now, even on the busiest night it doesn't get smoky. The bartenders, as well as the customers, leave without smelling. They love it!
The whole building smells better.
I recommend it to every tavern, restaurant, and office.
Thanks for such a great product.
Jeanne Herries
Office Manager
Villa Ventura Hairstyles
Just wanted to let you know, I have a Beauty Salon in a Retirement Center. Of course we o lots of permanents and sculptured nails, both leave the shop stinky. You introduced me to Fresh Air. I had the unit for three days and when we returned to work it was unbelievable how clean the shop smelled! The clients love the way the shop smells and how fresh every thing is. We love our unit so much we got three more for our home. Thank you for introducing the Fresh Air to me!
Linda Vest, Owner
My father had left a skillet with sausage cooking on the stove and forgot about it. It burned and filled our outside kitchen with smoke and an aweful smell. The fresh air purifier removed the burnt odor and gave the room a fresh smell.
After 25 years of cooking in that outdoor kitchen, I was surprised how the fresh air purifier not only removed the burnt odor, it also removed the old stale odor in the room.
Shelley Delapasse
Brown Sugar Café
My husband and I have been in the Thai restaurant business for over 10 years. Because we've been in and out of Thai kitchens for so long, our noses have become a little desensitized, do to the many spices used in Thai cooking along with various other restaurant odors.
So, in September of 2005 we incorporated the Fresh Air stand-alone unit in our Cambridge restaurant. It made the air feel and smell fresh. However, Joseph felt we could do better. This restaurant has tall ceilings and several thousand square feet, so he recommended installing a DuctwoRx 14 inch commercial probe into the HVAC system.
The results were amazing. Within the first few hours, we began to notice a distinctive, natural odor throughout the restaurant. The Fresh Air unit was like being in 2nd or 3rd gear but adding the DuctwoRx was like putting it into overdrive. Most strikingly was down a small corridor that leads to the restrooms wh ere the air was very dead and stagnant, it was transformed and the freshness permeated the entire area. We also notice that even though Thai cooking odors are continually being introduced, they now have the aroma of a freshly cooked meal. There are no lingering odors as in the past.
Given our positive experience in Cambridge, we soon integrated another DuctwoRx commercial probe and a Fresh Air into one of our restaurants in Boston. In addition, we only needed one Fresh Air in our 2nd restaurant in Boston becase it has much less square footage. Furthermore, we've had a DuctwoRx residential probe installed in our home along with the Fresh Air, a Spectrum for our sons room and a Living Water purifier, from EcoQuest.
Thanks to EcoQuest our family along with our many hundreds of loyal customers, all enjoy a healthier and safer environment. We can wholeheartedly recommend EcoQuest products to anyone who wishes to improve their indoor air and/or water quality, at work and at home!
With Gratitude,
Tu and Danee Pinyochon Owners & Operators
By LeeAnn Boyer
It is so wonderful to walk in the house and smell the fresh outdoors…our son recently came home from college for the weekend and asked “What’s that smell?…it’s weird!”…hahaha…so no more kitty smell…when I open the door the outside smells like the inside…I just can’t say enough how nice it is…and the price was sure right!
Liz Robidoux
I have COPD & Asthma but I own your air purifiers & I also use Renewed Life Probiotics & cooled boiled Water which this combination reduces the bubble gum phlegm & thins it out greatly. When I turn the ozone on low for a while until I get uncongested in the lungs, okay sometimes I need Tessalon tabs to help but it makes them work more efficiently. Then I turn off the ozone button & use the ionization button with metal filter alone & it removes lots of orange mold (I live in an orange grove) the diesel exhaust & the smoke from the air. I have the metal filter that is washable & I soak it in Dawn dish detergent & Hot water & rinse in hot water with a sprayer, put in the dish drainer to dry & reload it into the machine. The dirty water is so black, you couldn’t imagine – that’s how well it cleans the air. It works together with my nebulizer & my humidifier & a Himalayan salt lamp & my Advair when I am in rough shape & it makes my medications work better. The combination of these machines smells like an Ocean breeze in my room. Your machine saved my life 26 years ago when all my prescriptions could barely handle it due to the pollution of wh ere I used to live. You can’t stay on Advair, people have died from over using a steroid, it’s for emergency use only. Then my lungs healed from that rash, I was able to get off of steroids & eat cabbage to neutralize & reverse the adverse affects.
Twenty-six years ago my air sacs got so clogged, even banging on my back everyday, & diet & nebulizer & humidifier & all those prescriptions weren’t cutting it. Mucinex may have caused eczema in my lungs due to the acid reflux. But when we ran your machine with the low ozone in my bedroom, it thinned out the mucus & helped get rid of the eczema. Two years ago my husband came in with a severe Flu, I ozone blasted our bedroom with your air purifier, while he was visiting the doctors, I noticed he got well faster & I did NOT catch the Flu that year! I think it weakens the outer hull of the virus spores, which are made of protein, leaving these protein invaders defenseless against our immune system, preventing the spread of disease. I use probiotics & fermented foods because the good bacteria also eats up the mucus out of the air sacs. They work like little nanites. I feel hospitals should try your air purifying machines on a trial basis & put the settings on 1 or 2 for ozone unless patient complains it burns, then turn the ozone off – they are too irritated to use it at that time. It does decongest patients & often breaks down mucus without irritating the already irritated lung membranes & put the patient on an anti-mucus diet with anti-inflammatory foods & plenty of water & no salt. Plants in my home that were sick got well when I ran your air purifier. Live Plants give off oxygen & take away carbon dioxide & they also help clean up the gases out of the air. This can help a weary lung. People should have small indoor gardens & have mild ozone occasionally to get rid of any mold from the plants & pots put into bowl type bases so plants can’t pee on the floor & make mold. I might get laughed at. But they need to do research on how your machine helps, even if they used animals in the study. I know your machines work.
Ryan Stoneberg Kansas City Royals
The Kansas City Royals are constantly searching for ways to improve our athletes’ health and performance. This past off-season, our organization conducted extensive research into water ionization technology in hopes to achieve both. After sampling numerous brands, we chose Vollara as our sole provider based upon value and performance.
This Spring Training, we created 100% of the water distributed in our complex in Surprise, AZ and each of our seven practice fields using only two Living Water units. Water consumption was at and all time high, and soft tissue injuries were at an all time low. With Spring Training completed, we have since purchased additional units for each of our Minor League affiliates and our Major League team in Kansas City.
Not all water is created equal and neither are the companies that provide this technology. On behalf of our entire medical staff, I would like to thank you and all the members of Vollara for their assistance in bringing us an edge on the competition.
Ty Hill
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Kansas City Royals

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and the Vollara staff for all the help you’ve given to our organization during both spring training and the regular season. In particular, Julia Chiappetta and Ron Chaves did an outstanding job of working with us to make sure that all of our needs were met. When choosing products that can impact the health, performance and overall well being of our athletes, I always consider the quality and reliability of the products, the cost effectiveness of the products, and the ability of customer service to be as helpful and informative as possible. Once we began to compare ReFuel, ReFlex, and Living Water to the competition, Vollara clearly stood above the rest in all of these categories.
As we move forward through this season I feel confident that the products and support we are receiving from Vollara will help give our players the edge they need to perform at their very best, Thanks again for your role in helping the Kansas City Royals strive for excellence.
Brian J RSCC,*D
I would like to take this time as we turn the page on 2011 and look forward to the prospect of 2012, to thank you for this past year. Not only did you provide us with great products like the ReFlex and the ReFuel, but also an alkaline water unit for the Major League clubhouse that worked great and got a tremendous amount of use. Being at altitude, hydration demands are greater so the alkaline water unit really help our players to stay hydrated this season.
Most impressively has been the knowledge and professionalism exemplified by Julia and Ron. It has been a pleasure working with them this past year and I look forward to working with them in future as well.
Lastly, thank you for providing some of the best products on the market that are safe and effective for all of our players.
I wish you a great 2012 and I am excited for the opportunity to work with you guys in the future!
Sincerely, Brian J RSCC,*D
Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach
Colorado Rockies
Donovan T. Santas CSCS
I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Troy Sanford, Julia Chiappetta, and Ron Chaves, and Tear about Vollara products at the 2010 Baseball Winter Meetings.
With over a decade of experience as the Strength and Conditioning Coordinator for the Toronto Blue Jays, T have seen numerous products come and go in the industry—very few have had the potential impact of the water and air purity improvements Vollara offers. I am always looking for an effective long-term solution to the continuing decline in our water source, as well as eliminating the airborne toxins that are present in all of our facilities. Consequently, Vollara’s Fresh Air Surround and Living Water units have found a permanent place in our most used and highly populated Bobby Mattick Training Complex in Dunedin, FL.
It’s important to note that I would not install any products for athlete use that I would not also use myself. In this case, these products are of particular importance to my family since my two-year-old son Luke was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has many challenges, including a higher susceptibility to pesticides, toxins, and airborne pollutants. I am currently using the Fresh Air Surround and have been transporting Living Water home daily for him to drink. I value these products as another resource in our battle to help Luke overcome the challenges of his disorder and live up to his full potential, There is nothing more important to my wife and me than ensuring we employ all possible means to help him.
I want to personally thank Dr. Troy, Julia, Ron, and all the members of Vollara for their vision and help. I am grateful for the opportunity to implement use of their products for our players, staff, and, especially, my family.
Yours truly
Donovan T. Santas CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Club
Frank Velasque
It has been a great pleasure getting to know you, Dr. Troy Sanford, Julia Chiappetta, Ron Chaves and the rest of the Vollara family. I very much enjoyed touring the Vollara International Headquarters in Dallas, TX (in November 2010). Witnessing firsthand the company’s contagious passion, shared vision and relentless pursuit to be the best in the business was refreshing and impressive.
As the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club I am very selective of the supplement and/or wellness products that we bring to the clubhouse for player use. The Vollara line of products that are certified for sport through the NSF are of highest quality. The Reflex and Refuel supplements definitely have a place in the daily routine of a professional athlete seeking optimal performance.
What really gets my heart pumping are the Living Water and Fresh Air units. Not everyone is into the use of nutritional supplements and that’s fine. But everyone must drink water and breathe air. The Living Water empowers us to raise alkalinity for healthier water. The Fresh Air Surround cleans surfaces and helps us breath cleaner air that is free of bacteria, mold and other contaminates.
We fee! very good about equipping our ball players with Vollara’s best in class products. Our job is put them in the best Position to use their talents, night after night without missing a beat. Our athletes need to feel great, perform at higher levels, recover faster and compete every night. The smallest edge can lead to a win and ultimately a championship. That's what we are playing for here in Pittsburgh and that is why we feel confident using the Vollara products.
Frank Velasque
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Club
Lee Kuntz, MA, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Washington Nationals

Dear Julia,
As Head Athletic Trainer for the Washington Nationals I am inundated daily with companies vying for attention and access to our athletes. Mike McGowan, Asst Athletic Trainer and I routinely research these products and discuss them with our team physiciansWe scrutinize these offers and products closely and usually find them to be just another company trying to get attention in our market.
I wanted to thank you for your professional approach in providing us information regarding your products and yourpatience in allowing us to evaluate these products as part of our training regimen.
We currently offer NSF approved Vollara products, Re-Flex and Re:Fuel to our athletes. We are using the Vollara Living Water unit as part of our hydration strategy foour athletes and also utilize the Fresh Air Surround in our athletic training room to provide a clean, fresh atmosphere.
I will recommend your company to my peers and thank you for your accessibility and informational approach regarding your products.
Kiyoshi Momose CSCS
Pittsburgh Pirates
Latin American Strength & Conditioning Coordinator/
Major League Asst. Strength Coach

I would like to start by saying how much the Pittsburgh Pirates appreciate the opportunity to use your Living Water unit.
It has helped to maintain the players’ hydration level and to improve their overall wellness. Since your company provided us a unit in 2010, we were able to build a sink in our weight room to connect the water unit for everyday use.
From that point on, I feel that players’ awareness of being hydrated has improved significantly and they have been drinking ionized water more often. Several players use this system religiously. The players utilize this unit not only during the season, but also during Spring Training wh ere the physical demands are even more trying that during the regular season. Personally, I was drinking the ionized water on a daily basis during Spring Training 2012 which is the busiest and most stressful time of the year for me as a Strength Coach. Because of this, I felt very energized and was able to go through Spring Training without any health issues.
I would like to mention that Julia Chiappetta and Ron Chaves have been very informative and helpful in building relationship between your company and our club. Thank you again for your support and assisting our players and myself with your product.
Matthew C. Krause
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Cincinnati Reds

I wanted to take the time to reach out to you and say thanks for developing such quality product and assembling a quality staff. I have been a Strength Coach for a while now and have met with many companies’ representatives. Your staff by far goes above and beyond in the Customers service area. I wish I had ten Ron Chaves on my staff. Not only is Ron a great educator of your products, he is a great listener and make sure he adapts to each facility on how to best implement your products.
Developing high quality products that clean our AIR and Water are essential not only to performance, but to all of us personally. Its shows that Vollara cares about people. It’s important when building relationships with our athletes that they know we care about them personally and professionally. Providing air free of toxins and pollutants along with the Living Water allows our players to recover from the day to day grind of being a professional baseball player.
Thanks you for making our lives better.
Mark Brennan M.S., SCCC, RSCC
Miami Marlins
Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator

First I want to say how pleased I am with the relationships built between Vollara and the Miami Marlins. From our first meeting at the 2010 MLB Winter Meetings, you have been very generous and welcoming.
This year we had the opportunity to use your Living Water unit at Spring Training in Jupiter, FL. As with most new products, the players curiosities were sparked instantly when they saw your product. After a quick introduction for the players and staff, we had a sel ect following. Within a few days that following began to grow due to the players hearing first hand testimonials from other players that were already reaping the benefits of hydration. Players were excited to be drinking water.
It is our goal to continue this relationship and to build on it for future years. By placing one of your units at each affiliate we can ensure our athletes are getting the proper hydration that they deserve.
Thank you again to Julia Chippetta and Ron Chaves for their hard work and inviting atmosphere.
Jose Vazquez,PT,CSCS
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Texas Rangers

I want to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for your staff and your Vollara products. Julia and Ron have been great to work with as we introduce your products to our team. Their passion and knowledge of the products have reassured me that I’m providing our players with high quality products.
As a strength coach, I am very selective of the products I supply my players. Right now there are a lot of nsf certified products, but not all provide the results your Vollara products have provided us thus far. We started using the water units this spring and the comments from the staff and players have been great. The water tastes better and the players feel better. I have also introduced the refuel and reflex to our players and the comments have also been very positive.
It is a long season so my strongest focus is on recovery. The refuel and reflex are the most complete products that I’ve ever tried. I look forward to seeing the long term effects after a long season. I am confident that your products will help my players perform better and recover faster. Last year we came up short so hopefully the Vollara edge will help us bring a world championship to Arlington.
evin L. Rand, ATC, CSCS
Director of Medical Services / Head Athletic Trainer
Detroit Tigers

I want to thank you for allowing Julia Chiappetta, Dr. Troy Sanford, and Ron Chaves to introduce the Living Water System to the Detroit Tigers. Following their presentation, we ordered 3 units to be utilized in our Spring Training facility and at Comerica Park in Detroit. Although the players and staff had not been informed of our changeover fr om bottled water, their consumption rate increased greatly which they said was due to better taste and just overall feeling better.
As an Certified Athletic Trainer and longtime advocate of the health benefits of alkalinization, the fact that the Living Water System allows us to control the alkalinity of the water we are serving was the major factor in us purchasing the system. We have been extremely pleased with the performance and results that we have seen.
As healthcare providers, our main focus is providing our athletes with the very best tools to help them realize their full potential. Our athletes need to be able to perform at their optimum level each and every game in order to be successful. I feel very strongly that the Living Water System plays a pivotal role in allowing players to reach their goals. Hopefully, this in turn will help the Detroit Tigers reach the ultimate goal of a World Championship.
Pete Prinzi CSCS, RSCC*D
Head Strength Coach
St. Louis Cardinals

On behalf of the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, I'd like to thank you for an outstanding product. The Vollara Living Water unit installed in the weight room has been a vital addition. The unit is very popular. Our players definitely notice the difference in their hydration levels and the unit will be extremely important in the coming months as temperatures will be in the 90's for a prolonged period of time. Players also appreciate the water's detoxifying quality and some players are noticing the positive effect alkaline water has on their joints. I'd also like to thank Julia Chiappetta and Ron Chaves for their help. They both were very informative and professional.