Air Purifier in the nursery

New parents always thoroughly prepare for the child’s arrival in the house: they make repairs, fix the nursery, crib, toys. But many underestimate the importance of the air the child breathes. Learn how to properly prepare your nursery environment for your kid.

It is common that parents try to create sterile conditions for the newborn. We all know that baby is completely safe when in the mother’s womb. But immediately after birth baby gets under the influence of an aggressive environment.

Adaptation of the child to adverse environmental conditions will be faster and less painful if an optimal micro climate is created in the room. Installation of a household air cleaner helps in multiple ways.

When choosing a HEPA air purifier for the nursery, special attention should be paid to the cleaning capabilities of the device, the level of noise generated by it and additional functions. There are models that, in addition to the basic function of air purification, also have options:

  • built-in humidifier

  • built-in ionizer

  • extra silent mode

  • sleeping mode.

Why are additional functions important?

Air cleansing with the help of a HEPA air purifier is a guarantee of the baby's health. Clean air does not allow the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx to dry up, which in turn prevents the development of viral and respiratory diseases in the baby, as well as facilitates the process of breastfeeding of the newborn.

Ionization enriches the air of the room with air ions, which have a beneficial effect on the body of both adults and children. However, in the process of ionization ozone gas is released into the air. Excess of the maximum permissible concentration of ozone gas is extremely dangerous for the human body. Not only children but also parents will be comfortable in the room with an air purifier.

When you come home from a walk with your child, you will find yourself in a pleasant atmosphere with clean air - no dust and no unpleasant smell of stale air.

Air purification is essential if you have animals at home. Air purifiers effectively remove the smallest particles of dandruff and animal fuzz from the air that can provoke an allergy in a baby. And remember, the air environment inside an average home is not formed by itself. Air flows in from outdoors. It is a mixture of various substances harmful to the baby’s health - dust, exhaust gases, pollen, particles of building materials, plant and animal allergens, all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Air purifiers help cope with this urban "cocktail". Installing a device for cleaning indoor air, you care about the health of your children.

Air Purifier in a Home With Children. Why is it Important?

What is air in an average home like? What does it contain? It’s a mixture of exhaust and industrial gases, dust, tobacco smoke, seasoned with viruses and infections. This is perhaps its most accurate characteristic.

That is why caring parents will definitely think about how to clean this air is and how to create an optimal microclimate for their child. In fact, it is quite easy to do.

Oxygen in the air is of paramount importance for human breathing and his normal vital activity. Another primary component is water. Including water that is contained by the air a baby breathes. Our life depends on the quality and sufficiency of these components, without exaggeration. For infants who have not yet grown strong enough the purity and humidity of the inhaled air is a guarantee of the normal development. The air purifier for the nursery easily and safely removes any harmful particles, fuzz, gas, dust, ensuring the baby’s health and proper development.

A child spends countless hours in the nursery - playing, sleeping, talking with parents and friends. Parents that truly care for the child’s health should make sure the nursery is always clean and safe for the baby.

Parents try to make the child’s living conditions as comfortable as possible for their development, well-being, and health. This also applies to the quality of the air that the baby breathes. We’re going to discuss the main functions and characteristics of air purifiers for the children's room.

A HEPA Air Purifier for a Child

Characteristics of a HEPA air purifier for a nursery

1. A HEPA air purifier for a child’s room should clean the room of dust first of all. Devices for a nursery, that clean air, both with replaceable and with electrostatic filters filled the market. However, washable (electrostatic cleaners), clean the room significantly worse.

2. Choose air purifiers for the nursery with photocatalytic filters like those from Ecoquest. Not only will they help to get rid of exhaust gas, but also of chemical elements, tobacco smoke, and micro bacteria. Filters like that purify the air thanks to chemical reactions at the molecular scale.

3. To eliminate mold, viruses, micro-bacteria and dust mites in the air your cleaner that is meant for the children's room should least have an ultraviolet lamp. it is very effective against organic pollution but is powerless against chemicals.

4. Due to the humidification of the air with the help of an air purifier, it is possible to avoid drying out the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx in the baby, which prevents the development of viral and respiratory diseases.

5. The air ionizer in an Ecoquest air cleaner can have a positive effect on the overall health of the child, it can contribute to relieving fatigue and improving active attention.

6. The HEPA air purifier for the nursery should be as quiet as possible so as not to disturb the child during sleep and not to tire him or her during the day.

7. Choose a cleaner with a high rate of air exchange so that the air in the nursery does not go stale. Ecoquest air purifier has to be chosen according to the instructions. In such a case, it is going to be able to clean the total amount of air in the room completely. It is even better if the amount of air the purifier is designed to clean exceeds the existing volume of the room slightly.  

Filter Replacement

Some people are reluctant to buy an air purifier with replaceable filters, for the fear of the high replacement costs or the absence of filters in the future for the model of choice. We recommend to pick an air purifier for the nursery, that is inexpensive to maintain, like Ecoquest Living Air.

Filter replacement is necessary once a year on average. If you’re concerned that the filters for your air purifier will not be available in a year or two, just buy them in advance.  Although you can easily get filters for Ecoquest, even for those models which are no longer produced.

The air purifier for the nursery easily and safely removes any harmful impurities, ensuring the baby’s healthy and proper development.

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