Benefits of an Air Purifier

There's a lot of talk about air pollution in cities these days, but it's just as bad in the poisoned indoor environment. It's much safer to be outside your own home! When we spend 90% of our time indoors, we breathe very dirty air. Take an ordinary home or office: dust, smoke, and germs get inside and are absorbed by walls, furniture, carpets, and curtains. Doctors consider dust to be the most important source of infection for humans.
Benefits of an Air Purifier

Germs move through space using dust particles. Cleaners and detergents, which no family can do without, pollute the atmosphere of the home with toxic fumes, poisoning us slowly and unnoticed.

Purifiers are not medical devices, but they remove almost all harmful pollutants, creating a more comfortable environment for living and staying healthy, sparing our bodies the unnecessary effort of cleaning the air with our own respiratory system.

Is it worth getting an air purifier?

Regularly using an air purifier will get rid of these harmful substances:

  • Smoke (including tobacco smoke);

  • Dust, pet hair;

  • Allergens;

  • Bacteria and mold;

  • Fungi;

  • Dust mite;

  • Odors of any origin;

  • Chemicals, toxic gases;

  • Pollen;

  • Static electricity.

Air purifiers get rid of allergens, dust, and chemicals

One ounce (12 g) of dust is home to about 42,000 dust mites. About 20 kilograms of dust is created per 150 square meters of space per year.

Mite products are a powerful allergen that can give you a headache, runny eyes, stuffy nose, and a runny nose all the time. Airborne particles cause allergies, irritation of mucous membranes, various infections, asthma attacks, fatigue, and depression. All of these problems can be avoided if you have an air purifier in your home.

Removing biological pollutants and odors from pets reduces the possibility of catching colds.

Disease-causing bacteria are everywhere:

  • In air conditioners;

  • In places where pets live;

  • Garbage cans;

  • Bathtubs and toilets;

  • In any enclosed space.

People suffering from colds, lung, and eye infections can feel much better by using air purifiers because the causes of ailments are no longer in the air space around, they have all been carefully collected by the filter of the air purifier. There is no cause, there is no consequence - a malaise.

Mildew and a musty odor will be replaced by the cleaner with the smell of freshness after a thunderstorm.

Mold spores are found:

  • In heating and air conditioning systems;

  • In bathrooms;

  • Moist spots on walls and ceilings;

  • Carpets;

  • Wet clothing.

Mold causes allergies, severe headaches, fatigue, irritability, and depression. It's unlikely that we're looking for the cause of headaches in mold on the edge of the tub, but that's where it can be. An ozone cleaner destroys all of the above germs, leaving only a clean and fresh environment for your lungs.

Removing harmful fumes from household chemicals

You cleaned your bathtub, you washed your laundry. Do you wonder where the evaporated particles of cleaning gel and detergent went? Certainly - into the apartment air.

Benefits of an Air Purifier

And the next day your child has a runny nose, and you're terrified you'll have to take a sick day again. Most likely the cause was an allergy to the fumes from cleaning products, and not a cold, as you might think.

The easiest solution is to buy a suitable air purifier and create the most comfortable conditions for the health and development of your children and make your life more pleasant.

What should I look for in an air purifier?

When choosing an air purifier, be sure to pay attention to the filters that are installed in the purifier, as well as the service life and their cost. Different filters have their own "specialty" and are aimed at removing certain pollutants:

  • HEPA filter - to remove allergens, pollen, dust, pet hair. This filter can be found in the Breeze 2 Air Purifier;

  • Photocatalytic and charcoal filters - for cleaning odors, and especially tobacco smoke;

  • Various ionizers, systems PlasmaCluster, Nanoe, and others that are similar - help to clean the air from dust, bacteria, and viruses by discharging it, making it fresher and more pleasant.

In addition, you should pay attention to the thickness of the HEPA filter, as well as the overall size in its unfolded state because the more reliable the filter, the better cleaning it performs. In addition, the more powerful the device (the parameter of air exchange, m3), the faster it will cope with cleaning.

You should also pay attention to the item’s structure quality and overall brand awareness. Many manufacturers indicate where this or that purifier was assembled.

In addition to the filtration system, the unique features of air purifiers can also be an important factor when choosing. Some manufacturers install special sensors in the unit that monitor air quality and activate the air purification system at the right time. Such sensors display the current air quality, most often in different colors, where green indicates clean air and red indicates polluted air.

It is worth paying attention to the following devices:

  1. Air purifiers with HEPA filters. If you buy a model with a HEPA filter, you can be sure that you will create a reliable barrier to all dust and bacteria, including allergens. And maintenance of the device is not so difficult: vacuum the filter once a month and change it regularly (every 6 or 12 months). Replacement of the filter depends on the dirtiness of the air in the room.

  2. Air cleaners with electrostatic filters. Deciding how to choose an air purifier for the home, capable of quickly and successfully eliminating dust, you can buy a model equipped with a plasma (otherwise, electrostatic) filter. The dust itself will be attracted to it. The dirty filter just needs to be washed, which is very easy. It lasts a long time without needing to be replaced. But it is hardly able to cope with huge dust clogs. And it will not remove completely all dirt from the air - only 9/10 of it. This is important for allergic people and small children. In this case, go to option number two.

As for Ozonator air purifiers, they have their own powerful weapon - ozone, which also effectively destroys microbes due to its oxidizing qualities. Such devices should not be used in the presence of people. After turning them on, it is necessary to leave the room.

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