How the Air Purifier Helped Me: Real Reviews

There's nothing like a breath of fresh air, especially if you have been living or working in a space with poor air quality for an extended period of time. Today, respiratory health is a rapidly growing, worldwide Public Health epidemic. As stated by Albert Rizzo, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor at the American Lung Association, "Health begins where we live, learn, work, and play, and it's important to ensure that safeguards are in place to protect us and prevent disease"(American Lung Association). Fr om the growing rate of outdoor air pollution, to a rapidly changing climate, to the common problem of poor indoor air quality standards, lung health around the world is an issue that is becoming increasingly prominent.

Although each of these problems undoubtedly must be addressed at their root causes, there is also an immediate need to improve air quality in people's individual homes and work spaces wherever possible. It is for this reason that we have created a line of air purification systems that use sophisticated technologies to effectively purify the air that people breathe while indoors.

In this article, we have compiled the reviews of three verified customers who have purchased air purification systems. Through this, we intend to educate the public on the major benefits of our room air purifiers in terms of their relevant technologies. The technologies used in these systems, each of which are each exemplified in the following reviews, are listed here:

  • Active Ox, or Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI)
  • Needle Point Ionization
  • RF Ionization
  • UV Interaction
  • Ozone (O3) release

For more information on each system, refer to the "Technologies" information page.

The combined effect of the technologies used in our air purifiers works to dramatically and efficiently improve the air quality of indoor spaces. Unlike traditional ventilation systems, the power of these combined technologies addresses air-bound contaminants at their source, making it a whole house air purifier 3000 square feet and, on a larger scale, to more adequately prevent lung related irritation and disease.

The first review draws attention to the benefits of our unique Needle Point and RF Ionization Technologies. Together, these technologies work to distribute negative and positive ions throughout indoor spaces, which then bind to and remove impurities floating in the air.

Before buying air purifier read alot of reviews alot of them were positive and some of them were negative, had alot of doubtes should i buy it or not, but eventually i bought it,and im very happy with it,i never had devices for objective controls the ionic composition of air ,but after turning on the ionizer a while the air in the room became softer or something ,I can’t even to explain it,but feels very fresh when u move fr om one room to another ,at the beginning it felt like the windows are always open ,but later i relalized that the windows were closed and the effect of freshness were not given by the outside air but by the ionizer,its main function is why it dose not turn off it couse cleans the air -this is air purifier . in fall and spring our city covers in smog fr om burning fields ,its extremely hard to breath on the street ,And if you accidentally forgot to close the windows, you will end up with smoke in your room ,The ionizer copes with this error at full power in only 5 minutes ,We have around 300 sq ft room after we transfer to average power mode and that how we are using it Another example: we dont have a hood in the kitchen, when had to fry food, later we had to ventilate the apartment before, now it’s only enough just to put an ionizer on, he copes with smells faster than if the doors in the next room were open for plowing, im not exaggerating, I don't understand how it works, but it dose .

As stated by the review, users' ability to control the composition of ions in the air makes a huge difference in air quality that can be noticeably observed fr om room to room. In large part due to the Needle Point and RF Ionization Technologies, dirty particles in the air are easily removed, leading users to experience an almost immediate difference in the air (in as little as "5 minutes"). Afterwards, the air may be described as "softer," "fresher," and "cleaner" than before.

Additionally, the cleanliness of the air can be attributed to our unique Active Ox Technology, also known as Radiant Catalytic Ionization (RCI) Technology, which works in complement the Needle Point and RF Ionization Technologies. Notably, RCI Technology has been built upon the work of NASA air purification systems and is currently the only residential air purification system which carries the Space Foundation Certified Space Technology seal. Closely matching purifying power of sun rays, this technology emits a purifying "Plasma," made of Hydroxyls, Hydroxides, Super Oxide Ions, Ions composed of Ozonite, and ions composed of Hydro-Perioxide. By distributing this plasma through the air, our air purification systems have been proven to reduce mold as well as a number of harmful bacteria and viruses by up to 99.9%.

For this reason, our air purifiers present a practical clean-air solution for residents of large cities and other regions wh ere poor air quality is rampant; even when smog and other observable effects of air pollution degrade the quality of the air outdoors, an indoor space equipped with an air purifier can become a safe haven of clean air. Especially if you are lacking a ventilator, like the reviewer next mentions, an air purifier can act as a powerful alternative.

We understand how seemingly intractable the air quality can be in some home or work environments, such as in restaurants with heavy kitchen use. The second review points out the capability of the Eagle 5000 device to completely change the smell and feel of impure air in large part through the process of purification with ozonation.

The main problem we are facing is the air quality after night work during the daytime, when the club works as a restaurant. Stale air, the accumulated smell of tobacco, alcohol and kitchen, absorbed into all elements of the interior, starting from ceilings and walls, and ending with soft furniture and carpeting. Even after regular ventilation and air-conditioning system, the air quality problem could not be finally solved. We had installed the eagle 5000 devices, the air quality was completely changed, the smells of tobacco disappeared almost completely, the air is filled with ozone transparent and clear. During the day there are no problems associated with tobacco smoke, there were only positive reviews from our staff and visitors.

This review points out the remarkable strength of the Ozone equipped technology in comparison to a traditional ventilation and air-conditioning system. Indeed, the "away mode," which is easily programmable based on time, uses ozone, or O3, an activated form of oxygen, that, when released, has the capability to travel throughout an indoor space for an extensively deep cleaning that leaves the air "transparent and clear." For just pennies a day, it also has a setting that works 24/7. For restaurants and other businesses wh ere the air quality is constantly changing, this "away feature" can easily be ramped up during busy hours and turned down during less busy parts of the day for best results.

The next review also mentions the "away" feature of the Fresh Air Machine in regard to the smell of cigarettes. According to the American Lung Association, Tobacco use is a major public health problem that affects not only Tobacco users, but also people who share a general proximity with the user. This means that the health of people who share a home or even a building with smokers can be negatively affected by second hand smoke.

Six months ago, we purchased a Fresh Air Machine and have been extremely pleased with its performance. As a heavy smoker, I am always concerned with the air quality in our offices and this fresh air machine has had remarkable results. the air quality has been greatly enhanced and the "away" feature does a great job!

I would strongly recommend this machine to anyone interested in improving the air quality in their environment. Its performance has been excellent with little maintenance and its quiet operation.

For those with children, loved ones, or coworkers whose health is in danger of being compromised by second hand smoke, these air purification systems can be an effective way to protect family reduce the risk of harm, whether in a home or a more public space like an office.

In addition to the aforementioned technologies, UV Interaction technology also play a significant role in these systems to improve air quality. With the use of a UV bulb, a high frequency is produced to rid the air of microorganisms, bacteria, and other irritants, keeping the air safer, cleaner, and more germ-free, even in spaces wh ere contaminants like heavy smoke are present. For those already affected by lung issues, this technology is particularly relevant.

Finally, the third reviewer commented on how quiet the machines was. This feature is present in our most recent Air Purifiers, making the new models ideal and not distracting for offices, schools, libraries, and other spaces so as to be of minimal disruption.


As confirmed by verified customers, the combined effect of the five technologies uniquely utilized in EcoQuest Air Purification Systems effectively serves to clean and purify even the most impure of environments. In a world wh ere lung health is becoming an increasingly concerning public health issue, air purifiers can serve as a part of the solution by providing people with access to air that is clean, pure, and healthy.

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