Air Purifiers that fit People with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity best?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is currently viewed as a kind of environmental intolerance. In fact, it is a disorder of multiple systems that is expressed by increased chemical antibody levels upon exposure to a set of chemicals


How to battle Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

The main and the only non-drug method of dealing with  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is to limit contact with allergens, chemicals a person is sensitive to. It is simple if any particular chemical (chlorine, ammonia for instance) causes an allergy: if you just remove it fr om the environment, life will get better.

But what about those who suffer from respiratory sensitivity to a multitude of chemical substance and reacts to air, or rather, to evaporations that fly in it? On the street, unfortunately, it is different. You can only protect yourself with nothing, but masks and medication. 

The great news is that you can at least create a safe zone at home. And the main tool for this is an air purifier. 

It may seem a little bit ridiculous at the start: to get this machine, or several of those, in order to clean the air at home. You’d probably say: what if I remove and exclude the presence of the bothering agent at my home and put an end to MCS? 

The answer is yes, you could do that. But unfortunately people with multiple chemical intolerance issues are proven to develop new chemical sensitivity overtime. By removing the slightest chances of getting a new problem, you will set your mind at ease for a long time. At least in your home. 

Allergens in the air and how do we remove them?

Air purifiers for MCS sufferers are equipped with a wide variety of filters. To understand what filters we need to use, we need to first understand what exactly we are going to filter. Here is the list of air pollutants that are commonly found in indoor air:

  • dust

More precisely, things that are contained in the dust, such as dust mites and the discharge, mold spores, protein particles from the surface of the body of domestic animals, etc.

  • pollen

It enters your home through doors and windows. Fortunately, the problem is seasonal. But sometimes it costs a terrible torment. Annually. Sometimes twice per year.

  • animal hair and dander

We already wrote that it is not the hair itself that is allergic, but the protein that is secreted by the animal’s body, which “sticks” to the hair. Nevertheless, by eliminating the hair, we will eliminate most of the allergens.

Of course, not a single household filter is capable of delaying all allergenic particles without exception. But to reduce their content considerably to the point wh ere it does not cause an atypical immune response is very much possible.


What are some chemical domestic substances that can impact a person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) lifestyle?

Chipboard furniture is what comes to mind first. Lacquered furniture, low quality materials, plastic for instance. Some interior elements can give off chemical evaporated substances overtime. If you have MCS, you’ve got to be careful and shop wisely, especially for interior items. It is one thing to remove a bottle of dishwashing liquid that you’re unhappy with. Another thing is to remove a sofa you’ve been dreaming for years about. 

An allergy is an increased sensitivity of the human body to foreign substances that enter the body from the outside (through the skin, mucous membranes and blood) or are formed in the body itself.

Among the most common symptoms of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity are: stuffy nose, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, rhinitis, eye redness, itching. Sometimes, if the concentration of chemical substances in the air is high, an MCS patient can become covered in rashes. The onset may be abrupt and quite sudden. Antihistamines may need to be injected intravenously to avoid angioedema or anaphylaxis.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can be a body’s reaction to a variety of chemical substances, sun rays, cold, medicine and cosmetics, perfume and insect venom. Mites and spores of fungi, in particular as well as mold, and even ordinary dishwashing liquid can also provoke MCS.

What is the best room air purifier to choose for someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

According to the principle of filtration, the most common air purifiers for MCS sufferers are divided into three types:

  1. water filtration purifiers. These types of room air purifiers include air “washers”, water curtains air passes through;

  2. photocatalytic air purifiers; These use photocatalysis to remove contaminants from the air you breathe;

  3. mechanical filtration (HEPA filters) with electrostatics. These are specifically made for extra fine particulate filling up the air around you.

When you are dealing with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, it means we are looking for maximum efficiency. MCS is in fact a type of allergy and is a fairly common and unpredictable disease, which does not always make itself shown from early childhood, but causes a lot of discomfort in life.

High-quality air purifiers are simply obliged to become the everyday companion of the city dweller. Only these devices are able to make the air in the apartment as breathable as possible.

One of the most important advantages of a high-quality air purifier is no need for complex installation work. The device itself is compact and handy. It can be hung on the wall or set in any place convenient. Adjusting the parameters is carried out using the remote control, which is included in the kit.

The air cleaning technology was originally created exclusively for medical purposes. However, the system began to be effectively applied in everyday life later on. 

Cleaning the air of the substances that prompt this specific kind of sensitivity is a healthier way of overcoming the MCS condition, as opposed to medicating your body thus amplifying the risks of a new sensitivity developing.

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