Industrial Air Purifier. Do I really need one?

When you think of air purification, most would imagine a compact, speaker-looking box that easily fits on top of a set of drawers or up top on a high bookshelf.

Indeed, most air purifiers are well-designed to fit household rooms.

The situation is very different from commercial (or industrial) air purifiers. A single item may actually take up a whole room in your house.

By all means, a machine that big can do a considerably better job in larger rooms. So before going into buying it, you will have to decide what do you want it to do?


Commercial Air Purifiers

Normally an indoor commercial air purification machine is used by large businesses, factories with specific workplace hazards in the air:

  • chemical processing plants

  • industrial factories

  • charcoal industry facilities

  • commercial kitchens

  • welding industry facilities

  • manufacturing plants

  • hospitals

  • warehouses

  • food and beverage production facilities

  • other commercial environments.

Advantages to Using Industrial Air Purifiers

Commercial air purifiers are made to supplement your heating, ventilation and air conditioning efforts on an enterprise scale.

Advantages of commercial air purifier

  • reduced energy consumption

  • protects employees from workplace hazards: gas, dust, and mold

  • protects processes and products

  • improves air quality

  • able to boosts the air quality from hazardous (with over 300m3 particle amount) to good (60 – 100m3 particle amount) during an hour or two.

When do you really need a commercial scale air purifier and when you don’t?

Oftentimes, in the chase for “the best air purifier out there”, we buy the most expensive one.

In the case with smaller rooms and very little pollution to indoor air, a standard air purifier may actually fully satisfy your needs. Keep in mind you’ll have to get one that suits the size of your room.

Industrial air purifiers are to be considered for purchase if you deal with a large area of coverage, a dusty facility, a big basement, a larger open living area, a gym, a sports school, a hospital or a nursing home.

If you are dealing with a larger area, keep in mind that standard air purifier will not manage cleaning it properly. Smaller units will not have enough power and filter units to do that.

If you set several simple HEPA filter air purification machines, they could help with odor and dust removal.

Choosing a Particular Air Purifier

While being on the hunt for a commercial air purifier, keep in mind that most of those are not very appealing from the designer point of view. They are also considerably larger in size and as we mentioned earlier-can indeed take up a full room, if placed in a traditional household. While the majority of domestic air purifiers are easily installed, most industrial range air purifying machines do require a technician to set up.

Another thing that may hold you back even if you picked the model to your preference is the price. Many of these machines may end up costing anywhere between $2K and $6K. 

But if your needs are severe and you’ve got asthma patients and other allergy inclined people among your employees, this price will totally be worth it. Remember, preventing occupational hazards is way less expensive than taking care of the medical bills after.

Ecoquest Activator Commercial Air Purifier. Advantages

While we have talked you through most of the key points to help you choose the right commercial air purifier, there is a model we want to recommend. Reason being - Ecoquest Air Purifiers are really great “all-rounder” for any business facility, medical facility or large sports gyms. These have been made a brand of choice since 1988. Initially designed for the hotel industry, the Activator 250 series has grown to be a proven guarantee for any business owner, who aims to improve the working environment at his business facility.

Variable ozone output, square coverage up to 2500 square feet, lightweight and aluminum powder coated housing makes this air purifier a top choice for most of the hotels across the country.

Ecoquest manufactures professional commercial air cleaner that is superior at removing allergens of sorts, bacteria and volatile organic particles (like dandruff, shedding skin, hair, fur, fuzz, dirt, pollen) from indoor spaces.

Cleaning companies that extract fumes and dust professionally, insect fighters who have to leave the home not only pest-free, but also cleared out of any pest activity residue, food and beverage industries, wood cutting shops, chemical laboratories, printing and press industries are very few that may need a commercial air purifier for their facilities.

If you are a businessman, you very well know that the first sniff of your facility - be it a hotel, a medical office or a kindergarten will matter a lot if not the most, the customer’s decision will depend on it. Clean air is as important as clean sofas and clean floors. Be sure to take care of it as much as you take care of the laundry detergents and heating.

Commercial air quality control stands as utmost importance to a variety of businesses nowadays. So many environmental factors impact air outdoors nowadays:

  • wildfires

  • gas

  • commercial processes

  • aerosol pollution

  • hazardous vapors

  • chemical pollutants.

Providing safe breathable air is slowly but surely becoming a challenge to many. With the quickly growing asthma and other respiratory conditions statistics, clean air is becoming a true treasure for the society.

Healthy air research and a range of investments are necessary for an enterprise that appreciates its reputation. A hotel that strongly smells of cigarettes will not attract many returning guests, even if it has the most expensive furniture.

Medical facilities that receive people with a wide range of conditions will inevitably contain harmful bacteria. The only way to keep the air clean consistently is to provide the facility with an established air cleaning, humidifying and conditioning systems. A high-quality air purifier like Ecoquest will take care of harmful germs, any smoke residue, mold, pollen, dust and dirt, fuzz and fur. It will filter the air you breathe for you so that your lungs did not have to do that instead.

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