How to protect your family from wildfire smokes?

Wildfires are a notorious phenomenon, especially in Midwestern USA. The effects of these regular fires are disturbing for the ecologists, but even more so they impact the air quality in vast areas. A crazy rise in wildfire smoke is surprisingly stable and is as high as ever before.

With all that said the absolutely healthy people may not feel the change. But the enormous number of asthma sufferers and generally allergic people will observe gradually worsening health condition, occasional cough fits, skin rashes and itching in others.

What is the way to domestically impact the situation? What can I do to maintain clean air in my household?

To combat air pollution there is one sure thing you can do: install high-quality HEPA filters at home.

What is a HEPA filter?

A HEPA filter is the air cleansing and filtering system that is made to counteract and preserve your air at home from the tiniest particles, less than 2,5 micron in size.

HEPA is nor a brand, neither it is a trademark of sorts. It is an international standard for a type of air filtering systems.

According to The Guardian, wildfire smoke masses are becoming a serious health threat to inhabitants of multiple states. Health departments are taking some big time precautions to prevent grave health issues becoming a real cross-country problem because of the situation. Authorities are concerned that the measures may be worthless due to the scale of the fires spreading across several states.

Environmental health association officials claim that extended climate change and the reduced air quality may eventually become a “new normal” for the citizens. Smoke is a very heavy agent and is often hard to get rid of, it is the fact of nature and the fact that many of us with lung conditions will have to face. The question is: will we be ready for the attack?

Health issues that may arise or worsen because of smoke caused by wildfires

Patients with bronchial asthma, congenital or acquired, severely allergic people (with multiple allergy types, not obligatory lung-related), patients who suffer from bronchitis and sleep apnea, etc.

The expected sensations/symptoms for the severely polluted air is itchy sore eyes, not being able to breathe properly, scratchy throat, coughing.

A way out

If you want to protect your family, young children, babies, sick people, elderly or adults that are weak in health, the best way is to stay indoors. When the fires subside, you can return to your normal outdoor life again. If your air conditioner has an air recirculation setting, set it on.

If you have an emergency and just have to head out, make sure to check with a local air quality index first. If you can see the orange or red code in your area, make sure to at least wear a respirator mask.

What makes a “high-quality” air purifier?

An air purifier has to have efficient air flow as well as a set of highly-efficient air filters to do the job of clearing the air out of pollutants and contaminants as well as smallest particles that no human eye can see.

The average quality air cleaning will take four to five full air circulations per hour.

What to look for in an air purifier?

Once you’ve got the airflow efficiency covered, it’s time to deal with the number and quality of filters that will do the cleansing of your air at home from the smoke. That is easier said than done because smoke is a complicated matter, as we have stated before and is made of the tiniest particles that are not seen by the human eye.

Smoke is an actual compilation of tiny particles of carbon and tiny droplets of tar. So it is not even gas, it is a much heavier substance, in every meaning.

Airborne particles are those tiny specks that are flying in your air and can somewhat be seen if the lights hit them at an angle on a sunny day. So the air purifier has to have enough sufficient air filters and pollutant barriers to do the job well. Such a system is embedded into Ecoquest Fresh air purifiers. Activated carbon filters, needle ion generator, electrostatic lint screen are the features that you will need for your air purifier to be able to filter smoke particles. Otherwise, they will be coming through and creating a strong residual smoke scent in your whole house. It is well-known that since the smoke is not actually gas by a set of a myriad of tiny particles, they will settle on your furniture, wallpaper, shelves, and carpets, creating a mixed odor as a result.

Surface area. Another important factor to consider. Make sure you calculate the total square feet of your room and the overall air volume that will need to be filtered. If your air purifier is designed to cover roughly a ten square feet room, but you have set it up in a room that is five times as big, chances are you will end up with air not clean enough and money spent in vain.

All these factors will provide you with the highest level of smoke prevention there is.

Clean air is a balance of well-filtered air flow, ionization, and proper humidification. With Ecoquest air purifiers you can forget about any respiratory issues in your family, be it seniors, babies, allergy-inclined adults or asthma patients.  

Whether you’re shopping for an air purifier for domestic use or for an office facility with a large number of people, Ecoquest is a great choice that will leave you satisfied. A clean environment is a heavy load to lift for an urban city, so Ecoquest created air purification systems that can do everything a machine is able to provide a healthier atmosphere in your home.

Our Breeze and Fresh Air models are everything a person appreciative of truly fresh and clean air can desire.

All in all, you can and should take a look at other manufacturers and compare the set of technological advantages Ecoquest has.

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